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Weld Checkers & Monitors

Miyachi UnitekWeld monitors measure one or more of the electrical and/or mechanical parameters that dynamically change during the welding process including weld current, voltage drop across the electrodes, workpiece expansion and deformation, electrode force, electrode displacement (movement) and more.

Miyachi Unitek MG3 Weld Checker

MG3 420kb

Weld monitor provides real-time measurement of all welding variables
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Miyachi Unitek MM-380A Handheld Weld Checker

MM-380A 311kb

Hand-held weld checker utilizes a sensor to measure current, voltage and force
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Miyachi Unitek MM-370A Weld Checker

MM-370A 316kb

Machine mountable, portable weld checker measures current, voltage, force and displacement
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Miyachi Unitek MM-370A Weld Checker

Complete Product Line 907kb

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