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Welding Transformers

Fixture Type Welding Transformer

Fixture Type

Applications: The perfect choice for multi-spot welding textures.

Features: Single secondary or two isolated. Impedance-balanced secondaries are provided; with various tap switch mounting positions and primary disconnect plugs available.

Ratings: 5 to 200 KVA

Transgun/Robot Type Welding Transformer

Transgun/Robot Type

Applications: Resistance welding transguns for robots or multi-spot fixtures

Features: Compact, lightweight design is suitable for close coupled welding gun mounting. Available with single secondary voltage, or variable secondary voltage range with tap switch.

Ratings: 20 to 100 KVA

Portable Gun Welding Transformer

Portable Gun

Applications: Any welding installations using portable welding guns, or remote robot guns

Features: Secondary connections designed to accept low reactance dual conductor (kickless) welding cables. Available in wound and stacked core models. Integral hanger accomodates overhead mounting.

Ratings: 50 to 400 KVA

Machine Type Welding Transformer

Machine Type

Applications: Predominantly used in press, seam, or rocker arm welding machines

Features: Secondary connection pads conform to RWMA standards. Voltage range covers up to 60% of the high tap voltage. Secondary end potted with epoxy resin to provide added support to the connections and seal out contaminants.

Ratings: 20 to 600 KVA

Inverter Power Supply/MFDC/HFDC

Inverter Power Supply/MFDC/HFDC Welding Transformer

Perfect for robotic applications, SEEDORFF ACME Corp. offers a full range of high frequency DC power sources that deliver high secondary current in a compact lightweight package. SEEDORFF ACME Corp. offers both industry standard and custom design high frequency DC power sources that evenly distribute primary current demand across 3-phase systems. Operating ranges up to 850 primary volts, and frequency ranges up to 1,200 hertz.

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