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Seedorff specializes in Custom-Built Resistance Welding Machines. Our Design Team is experienced and capable of a simplistic straight-forward Engineering Concept to invent the optimal Machine Tool to meet the Customer’s objective. The foundation of our Design Approach is careful attention to details such as: System Maintainability, Secondary Efficiency, Electrode Geometry, and consistent productivity.

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Custom Application Resistance Welder

Dial Index

SEEDORFF ACME Corp. has designed several small and large Dial Index Welding Machines using CAMCO Rotary Dials up to 24 Stations. Parts can be manually or Automatically loaded and unloaded based on your production demands.

Special Multi-Spot

SEEDORFF ACME Corp. has designed numerous special application multi-head Welding Machines for the Office Furniture, Automotive, Wire Panel "Truss", and Appliance Industries. Automatic Indexing or "Pass Through" is an optional alternative to manual operator material handling.

Special Seam Welder

Mesh Welder with the capability to adjust the Welding Current "On-the-Fly". To avoid Wire bunching and scrap-loss, a special Welding Control is used to provide ramp-up current at Start-Up and ramp-down Current at Machine Halt. SEEDORFF Weld Heads may be Oil-Cooled to reduce head wear caused by high operating temperatures at 100% Duty Cycle.

Lap Seam Welder with a standard Current Brush Weld Head running longitudinally on top of a light gage Inconnel Tube. The Tube was formed in the Welding Machine by a fixture that wrapped the Inconnel flat Sheet around an adjustable copper mandrel. When the tube was removed, the I.D. could not vary more than .002" end to end.

Convential Seam Welder with a special lower movable electrode. The Part is indexed in a Servo-Driven Fixture which rapid shuttles the part into the Welder. Using Electronic Gearing, the Upper Wheel is in sync with the Servo-Driven Fixture during the weld index move. Weld location and distance is precise using this technique. The Fixture is also adjustable for parts varying in length and width.

Special Press (Ped) Welders

Robot Line Ped Welders controlled via Device Net, can be tooled with a shuttleing fixture to allow for 2 diffent style or size fasteners to be welded on the same Machine.

Fast-Follow-Up Press Welder with a specially designed Die-Spring Package to allow for immediate response of the Movable Electrode during the Welding Process. Can be mounted above or below the Roller Ram. Also, A highly accurate Displacement Sensor can be installed to measure the weld nugget expansion and growth characteristic during the welding sequence for weld schedule development with verifiable results. This system is mostly used for Aerospace Class A Welds and Critical Projection Welds in the Automotive Sector.

Special Gun Welders

Portable Seam Welder with both wheels driven by two Stepper Motors. Current is transferred using precision centerless-ground Beryllium Needle Bearings for compact design.

Manipulated Transguns 28 KVA A.C. or 100 KVA M.F.D.C. can be shuttled on an air-actuated Linear Slide, rotated on a Rotary Table , or manipulated on a Trunnion Table.

Special Poke Tack

Semi-Automatic Tacking Station Work Height can be adjusted by a hand crank. The Weld Gun is adjustable in and out along the boom on THK Bearings. An air-actuated clamp will hold the gun at the desired location. A Ball Pivot is mounted on the end of the Gun Body to allow for axial positioning. A Ball-Pivot Clamp will hold the Weld Gun in the desired position during the welding sequence.