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Seedorff manufactures the highest quality, most dependable Seam Welding Heads available in the United States. Silver-Inlayed Brushes cradle a rotating Hi-CON Copper Mandrel under pressure making 65% electrical contact at all times regardless of wear. The Housing is filled with Castor Oil to lubricate the Brushes and Shaft as Welding Current is transferred from a Staionary to a Rotary Member.

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Seedorff Seam Welder

Additional Photos

  • Seedorff Resistance Seam Welder
  • Seedorff Inverter Seam Welder
  • Seedorff Size 1 Seam Resistance Welder
  • Seedorff Size 2 Seam Mid-Frequency Inverter Welder
  • Seedorff Size 3 Seam Welder
  • Seedorff Size 3 Seam Welding Machine
  • Seedorff Size 1 Seam Welder


  • Water-Cooled Secondary
  • Coalescing Air Filter
  • Multi-Function Foot Switch
  • Heavy Gauge Welder Frame
  • Air Pressure Regulator with Gauge
  • No-Lube Pneumatic System
  • Adjustable Lower Fabricated Knee
  • Low inertia precision roller bearing Ram
  • Current-Collector Head Running in Oil Bath

Welding Transformer

  • Single Phase AC
  • Mid-Frequency Inverter DC
  • Class "F" Insulation
  • Sealed Secondary End
  • Internally Water-Cooled
  • RWMA Standard
  • 100% Duty Cycle

Welding Control

  • Micro-Processor
  • Upslope / Downslope
  • Pulsation
  • Closed Loop System
  • Quench & Temper
  • Solid-State SCR or IGBT


  • Knurl Drive
  • Air Assist Drive on Idler Head
  • Dual Direct Drive
  • Internally Water-Cooled Wheels
  • Oil Cooler for Running Absolute 100% Duty Cycle
  • Programmable Wheel Speed Via Welding Control
  • Encoder Feedback for Precise Wheel Speed