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ACME Rocker Arm Spot Welder

Rocker Arm Spot Welders

Seedorff & ACME Rocker Arm Welders are designed to provide a production solution at an affordable price.

Seedorff Bench Welder

Bench Welders

Seedorff Bench Welders are the optimal solution for Resistance Welding of smaller Assemblies.

Seedorff Press Welder

Press Type Welders

Seedorff & ACME Press Welders are designed for a production environment.

Seedorff Seam Welder

Seam Welders

Seedorff manufactures the highest quality, most dependable Seam Welding Heads available in the United States. 

ACME Butt Welder

Butt & Tee Welders

Seedorff and ACME Butt and Tee Welders deliver a high production solution to the Wire Industry.

Seedorff Multi-Spot Welder

Multi-Spot Welders

The Seedorff Multi-Spot Welder was developed specifically for production manufacturing where quick and precise Gun relocation is critical.

Seedorff Gun Welder

Gun Welders

Seedorff offers a vast Standard Product Line of Reliable Weld Guns to accommodate any size and shape of Part Geometry.

Seedorff Mini Gun Welder

Miniature Gun Welders

Seedorff offers a large assortment of Miniature Weld Guns for Light Duty and Heavy Duty Tack Welding.

Custom Application Resistance Welder

Special Application Welders

Seedorff specializes in Custom-Built Resistance Welding Machines, with attention to detail: Maintainability, Efficiency, Electrode Geometry, and Productivity.

Resistance Welding Tools


Revenue is usually lost due to time-staking part handleing by the Machine Operator. Seedorff prides itself with clever designs for Part-Fixturing and Tooling.

Reconditioned Welder

Reconditioned Welders

SEEDORFF ACME Corp. Recondition-to-New Program is unmatched by any Resistance Welding Manufacturer or Service Company in the Industry today.

Resistance Welding Automation


Seedorff ACME Corp. partners with credentialed Automation Specialists when the project demands solutions that travel far beyond our niche market.