Process Control

The Advantages

Proving the integrity of the Weld provides accountability to the Process. Rhythms in Electrode Maintenance can be established to develop an economical and quality acceptable approach to Electrode material composition and maximum Electrode life expectancy. The future is here! The Tools are available! When implemented, Process Control will add value to your Metal Joining Application.

The Benefits

  • Develop the Optimal Weld Schedule
  • Identify trouble in the Welding Process
  • Record and Confirm every Weld
  • Mandate Quality Control in Resistance Welding
  • Set and Operate within the specified Limits
  • Fulfill all Quality Requirements
  • Meet or Exceed the highest Standards

The Technology

We live in the “Computer Age”! Process Control is at your fingertips. Microprocessor driven Weld Monitors make it possible to discern proper Weld Schedule Parameters. Advanced monitoring measures Weld Current, Voltage, Resistance, Force and Displacement over time. Watch the Weld Nugget grow! Analyze the growth behavior. Observe the effect of changes made in the Weld Schedule. Develop Statistics as a result of the Study. Prove the process over and over! Now you are an Expert!