Mil-Spec Welding

What is Mil-Spec Welding?

A Resistance Welding Standard developed and published by and for the United States Military as a basis for Quality Assurance of Critical Resistance Welded Joints. Most Aerospace Manufacturers adhere to Mil-Spec Resistance Welding Standards and Guidelines.

Why is it required?

Mil-Spec Resistance Welding assures optimum weld quality when understood and followed as stated. Complying with the Mil-Spec Standard or any derivative of the Mil-Spec Standard requires personnel with years of practical experience in the field of Resistance Welding. The Mil-Spec Standard is a written procedure by which to validate the capability and repeatability of a Resistance Welding Machine used in a welding process where weld quality is crucial in the manufacturing of criticle parts. Once a Resistance Welding Machine is Qualified, the Weld Schedule for a specific part must be Developed and Certified. The Certification process is on-going in order to meet the quality aspect for which the Standard has been developed.

What are Mil-Spec Machines?

Mil-Spec Resistance Welders are manufactured to a higher standard using advanced components and control systems so that the required weld quality is achieved and that the Welding Machine can repeat the process over and over. The pneumatic system is particularly important on a Mil-Spec Resistance Welder. Precision Air-Pressure Regulators and advanced Air Cylinder Design play a key role in the consistancy of the required characteristics of the Weld Nugget.