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Seedorff Bench Welders are the optimal solution for Resistance Welding of smaller Assemblies. Seedorff Bench Welders can be tooled with specially designed part holding fixtures or smaller Precision Seam Welding Heads.

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Seedorff Bench Welder

Additional Photos

  • Seedorff 5 KVA Bench Welder
  • Seedorff 7 KVA Bench Resistance Welder
  • Mid-Frequency Inverter Welder


  • Water-cooled Secondary
  • Coalescing Air Filter
  • Ridged Welder Frame
  • No-Lube Pneumatic System
  • Ultra Low Friction Weld Cylinder
  • Easily Accessible Electric Valves
  • Air Pressure Regulator with Gauge
  • Multi-Function Foot Switch or Touch Palm Buttons

Welding Transformer

  • Single-Phase AC
  • Mid-Frequency Inverter DC
  • Secondary Full Wave Rectified DC
  • Air-Cooled
  • Dual Voltage Primary

Welding Control

  • Microprocessor Driven
  • Quench & Temper
  • Easy Component Access
  • Upslope / Downslope
  • Pulsation
  • Solid-State Water-Cooled SCR or IGBT


  • Dual Pressure
  • Aluminum Profile Table w/ S.S. Top
  • Tubular Steel Table w/ UHMW Top
  • Precision Roller Ram
  • Seam Welder
  • Special Tooling